Two Fan Favorites Among Viewers Who Watch Korean Action Movies Online

South Korea is an undisputed leader in the field of consumer electronics, but the country’s filmmakers are not far behind. For decades now, South Korean filmmakers have been honing and fine-tuning the craft, especially when it comes to action.

Sometimes drawing on American classics like The Matrix for at least a bit of inspiration, these artists have nonetheless forged a unique, distinctive action movie tradition of their own. Among viewers who watch Korean action movies online, a couple of productions are most frequently recommended to others.

The Best South Korean Action Movies Are Virtually Unparalleled

The action movie genre is one of the most popular with audiences in South Korea, but there are still plenty of flops that make their way into theaters. On the other hand, the high points of the South Korean action movie production industry compete easily with films other countries have produced.

Audiences worldwide have been steadily discovering this in recent years, thanks partly to online streaming services. With it becoming so easy to watch Korean action movies online, many more viewers are enjoying highly rated films like:

  • Snowpiercer.
  • With a premise so dark that most life on Earth has been extinguished, Snowpiercer lets very little light shine through its action-packed two hours of film. A train that includes the world’s few remaining humans travels endlessly around a world that has been consumed by perpetual cold and omnipresent ice. It might be thought that those survivors would cooperate and come together, but they instead spend their time scheming, fighting, and dying. Snowpiercer is a bit of an oddball, but also an action movie that has proved unforgettable to many.
  • Nowhere to Hide.
  • South Korean directors have become globally renowned for their ability to turn simple gunfights into truly theatrical spectacles. The protagonist of Nowhere to Hide is a mostly undistinguished cop who reveals a real knack for acrobatic shooting.

Many More South Korean Classics Await Online

With there being dozens of other South Korean action films that regularly rank among the world’s best, viewers never lack for options. That is especially true of online services that are well stocked with action films produced in this particularly fertile place.

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