Trends to Look for in Kitchen Cabinets in Kennett Square, PA

If you are thinking of revamping your cabinetry, now is the time to do so. Kitchen cabinet upgrades are exciting installations today as they offer the homeowner the opportunity to stylishly redecorate his or her kitchen space with neutral and white tones that automatically refresh an area’s appearance.

Making the Kitchen Space More Efficient

Besides using gray and white tones in kitchen cabinets in Kennett Square, PA, designers are also creating cabinetry with added inside efficiency. Current storage options in cabinets designs are not only plentiful, but they can all be well-utilized. For example, some of the upgrades include bread boxes, pullout trays, and customized areas for the placement of tins and pans.

With the selection of more neutral tones in kitchen cabinets, you will also add to the resale value of your home. People who buy real estate today want to see major upgrades in the kitchen and the bathroom. They also want to see the use of neutral tones. Employing whites and grays simply makes decorating an easier activity.

Install LED Lighting

In addition, when kitchen cabinets are featured in white and gray tones, the colors enhance the lighting that you include in your renovation. In order to make full use of the illumination, make sure that you install energy-efficient LED lights. This type of lighting lasts about five times as long as compact fluorescent bulbs.

In addition, design experts at such companies as Walter & Jackson, Inc. state that transitional designs in kitchen décor and cabinetry are now trending. Gone are the days when cabinets showcased fussy hardware on their doors. Today’s sleek styles remove the need to apply distressed and decorative paints or glazes as well.

Current kitchen designs also make this part of the home more accessible. Therefore, drawers often feature deep pockets or slots to hold and store cutlery. Stackable-type trays also are used to keep everything in its place.

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