Tornado Shelters for Arkansas Residents Provide Important Protection

Tornado season generally begins around the spring months in the state of Arkansas. Based on the weather patterns that cover this area of the country, the conditions are often ripe for the development of these spectacles of nature. When it comes to the protection of you and your family from the threat of tornadoes, there is something you can do. Whether you live in Arkansas or in any area through Tornado Alley, you can benefit from the installation of one or more tornado shelters. Arkansas residents can increase their opportunity for survival during a tornado when protected inside one of these structures.

If you live in an area where tornadoes are a common possibility, it is important to have protection installed for you, your loved ones, and your belongings and assets. There is a perfect solution to protect you from the threat you face. You can purchase shelters that are fully tested and proven to defend against EF-5 tornado wind speeds.

Tornado Shelter Types
Effectively designed tornado shelters include those constructed of strong and resilient materials, including concrete, steel, and fiberglass. The various styles available in these shelters include garage floor, slope front, flat top, both together, and community.

When you and your loved ones need vital protection in a tornado emergency, these shelters – engineered to be dependably safe – are crucial assets to have on hand.

Features of High Quality Tornado Resistant Shelters
The key features to look for in a dependable tornado shelter include reinforced concrete (6000+ psi) having rebar and fiber mesh plus a smooth finish, 4 inch thick ceilings and floors, 3 inch thick walls, 6’2” shelter height, concrete mix with waterproofing solvent to help ensure the shelter stays dry.

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