Top Trends Related to Website Development in Denver

The internet is a competitive world, and failing to improve your website according to the latest trends can lead to adverse consequences for user experience and website performance. This is why it’s time you understand the top trends related to website development in Denver.


PWAs are progressive web apps that are perfect for replacing conventional web pages. This is because it promises the quickest loading and can work offline, such as in Google Maps, and promises a better user experience. In addition, it helps reduce the development cost, and the maintenance will be seamless.

AI Chatbots

Adding sophisticated AI chatbots is a great way of meeting and exceeding the needs of users and matching the user behavior by leveraging natural language processing, machine learning, and information extraction techniques. It’s obvious that it improves the customer experience, but it also helps companies collect data and answer the FAQs quickly, leading to better customer support.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Commonly known as AMP, these pages are designed to offer a lightning-fast digital experience to mobile users. It is an apt way of decreasing the bounce rate, which results in a higher conversion rate. A reputed company like Tree Ring Digital can help create these accelerated mobile pages to achieve fast loading speed and adjust the pages for different screen sizes and browsers.

Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

SPAs are JavaScript-based web apps that help load an HTML page in a second and update the website content as users scroll down rather than refresh the webpage repetitively. These applications are a recent trend in website development in Denver, which are pretty easy to create and consume less space on servers.

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