Top Three Reasons to Always be an Electrician in Sisters, Oregon

When is the right time to hire an electrician in Sisters, Oregon? It often surprises people. Homeowners know to call an electrician when their electricity doesn’t turn on, but there are other times to seek an electrician’s expertise. Here are three reasons to call an electrician today.

1. Loose Outlets

Almost everyone has experienced this problem once or twice. One plugs in a vacuum or other appliance, and the plug falls out of the socket. Or the outlet box wiggles around. These types of problems are annoying, but they’re not something to ignore.

Loose outlets happen from wear and tear. Call an electrician to fix the problem and make sure the outlet’s wiring hasn’t frayed or is sparking. Repairing the loose outlet could mean installing a new receptacle or resizing the box’s hole in the drywall. The good news is this isn’t an expensive electrical job.

2. New Wiring Installation

Installing new wiring should always be done by a licensed electrician. Rewiring a house or installing wiring, in addition, is a complex job. It’s also a job that most municipalities require an electrician to do. Permit requirements state that electricians must handle these types of jobs for the renovation or addition to pass inspection.

3. Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Circuit breakers that trip and can’t be reset need further troubleshooting. Call an electrician to inspect the circuit breaker and main panel for short circuits, arc faults, and other problems.

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