Top Rated Restaurants: The Best Bourbon Bar Near Minneapolis

The best bourbon bar near Minneapolis will not only serve bourbon, but also a wide range of alcoholic and mixed beverages. If you love bourbon, a bourbon bar and grill is the perfect place to take coworkers, dates, family, and friends. However, bourbon may not be their drink of choice. You will want to find a restaurant that offers mixed drinks such as cocktails, wine, beer, scotch, and whiskey.


Do you need to impress coworkers? Are you taking your friends or family members out for a special occasion? A bourbon bar is an excellent choice for a date or a social event. They are casually elegant. Unlike other restaurants, they offer a wide range of food and will satisfy your guest’s expensive taste in drinks without the price tag. The variety in the menu will accommodate everyone on your guest list.


The amazing and best bourbon bar near Minneapolis will have a crisp and classy dinner menu. Starters such as shrimp cocktail, cheese samplers, calamari, and cajun beef bites are a must-have when taking your friends or family to a bourbon bar. You will want to engage in conversation while you wait for your dinner. Appetizers are also a great conversation starter.


The menu will have a wide range of options including beef, poultry, and seafood dishes. The waiters and waitresses can offer advice as to what pairs well with bourbon on the palette. Bourbon bars are classy, luxurious, and often have better ratings than surrounding restaurants.

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