Top Frequently Asked Questions About Bunions and Their Treatment

Whether you want to enjoy the summer weather and show off your sandals, or you need to squeeze your feet into a pair of comfortable boots, having bunions can put a damper on your style plans. Bunions can be both painful and unpleasant to look at, which makes showing them off difficult at best. Though bunions can be common, they are not always well understood, and these questions are some of the most common one’s people have about this foot condition.

What Causes Bunions?

People with bunions in Hyde Park are often caught off guard when they experience bunions. They immediately wonder what caused the condition to appear, especially if they pride themselves on taking good care of their skin.

Bunions are caused by a shift in the position of bones in the big toe. Whether or not you will get bunions is often determined by hereditary factors. Good skincare is not a factor in developing bunions.

Will Bunions Go Away on Their Own?

Although bunions are painful, sometimes people are embarrassed and hope they will go away on their own. Unfortunately, bunions will get progressively worse over time. They will not go away without treatment.

How Are Bunions Treated?

When bunions become too painful to handle wearing shoes or performing typical daily tasks, you may need to have surgery. Since bunions are a condition affecting the foot, surgery is often the only way to correct the condition. During surgery, the physician will realign the bones and remove portions of the bone. Mitchell Foot & Ankle treat bunions in Hyde Park. For more information contact us today.

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