Top Features to Consider When Reviewing Off-Campus Apartments

Renting UMN student housing within a few blocks of campus and with optimal amenities can make university life manageable. With some additional college-geared features, students can focus on their studies instead of daily activities.


Since most of a college student’s time is spent at school, it can be very beneficial to live within walking or biking distance of your classrooms. Not only will you be able to get to class quickly, but the revitalizing exercise can help you stay healthy. Some buildings even have convenient shops and a variety of stores on the first floor.


There is no need to put fitness on the back burner because there are complexes that provide 24-hour gyms and yoga studios. Some of them have incredible views, which take the boredom out of indoor walking. Some multi-story UMN student housing units have top-floor lounges with panoramic views, games, and seating areas.


Whether you plan on having one or several housemates, designers have configured roommate-friendly floor plans to fit a variety of budgets. There are two-bedroom, two-bathroom arrangements, and larger groups can find four-bedroom units with two to four bathrooms. Paying rent does not have to be complicated with per-person contracts that include utilities and internet access.

Safety and Social Features

Each bedroom should have a private lock, and an on-site manager with ground patrol adds a layer of security to any rental. Some live-in property managers will also put together social functions, and they will allow tenants to bring guests. To discover UMN student housing with these bonuses, visit Stadium Village Flats at

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