Tips to Find the Best Student Apartments Near the LSU Campus

Colleges offer many housing options from traditional dorms to off-campus apartments. Many second-year students choose to live in off-campus apartments for more room and privacy. With so many off-campus housing options, how do students know which is the best option?

Proximity to Campus

The #1 factor for choosing off-campus apartments is the proximity to campus. Apartments near LSU campus locations are within walking distance or a short car ride. The closer the apartment is to campus, the easier it is for students to get to class on time, and it cuts down on commuting time and gas.


Many college students living in off-campus apartments are living on their own for the first time, and by nature of the collegiate life, these students return to their apartments late at night or leave early in the morning. Apartment complexes that offer security features such as lighted parking lots and stairwells, CCTV cameras throughout the property, gated properties, and even on-site security provide the best protection.


College students aren’t rolling the dough. Therefore, another factor to consider when choosing a student apartment near LSU’s campuses is the cost. Many apartment complexes in the area offer student discount pricing to make finding off-campus housing more affordable.

Lease Terms

Does the apartment offer school-year leases or full-term, 12-month leases? Students planning on returning home during summer break are better off choosing off-campus housing that doesn’t require a full-year lease.

Finding affordable student apartments near LSU doesn’t have to be hard. For more information about student apartments, contact Lark Baton Rouge now.

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