Tips to Care for and Maintain Granite Counters in Kent, WA

The easiest and most efficient way to keep granite counters in Kent, WA looking great is to avoid the things that may cause damage. Granite is easy to care for and, if homeowners stay away from a few damaging behaviors, they can keep the surfaces looking like-new longer. Some tips to help care for and maintain granite surfaces can be found here.

Wipe Up Spills Right Away

Acidic substances, such as soda, tomato, fruit juices, coffee, and wine won’t etch granite surfaces like they will marble but they may stain the surface. Additionally, if cooking oil isn’t wiped up right away, it may also cause a stain. The key is to quickly wipe up any liquid that spills to prevent any type of permanent damage.

Clean the Surface with a Soft Cloth or Sponge

It is a good idea to use cleaning products that are specially formulated for granite. This will help to protect the sealant present and reduce issues of soap buildup. It is never a good idea to use dish soap for cleaning up granite counters in Kent, WA. This will create a film that makes the granite look dull and old.

Use Hot Pads and Trivets under Pots and Pans

While there is the option to take a hot pot off of the stove and place it directly on a granite surface without issues, it isn’t something that is recommended. In some cases, “thermal shock” may occur, which will cause the surface to crack. It is best just to avoid putting hot items on the surface.

Make Sure to Use Cutting Boards

The best way to avoid scratching the surface of granite counters is to avoid cutting directly on the surface. Not only will this potentially mar the surface of the granite, but it may also damage the knives that are being used.

When it comes to protecting granite surfaces, there are quite a few things a homeowner can do. Taking certain cautions while using the surfaces will also come in handy. More information about protecting a granite surface can be found by taking the time to click here.

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