Tips On Fixing Disc Brakes To Avoid Needing Auto Mechanical Repair in Indianapolis IN

One of the most important safety systems in any vehicle is the brake system. When pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the master cylinder proceeds to force brake fluid into the brake lines and then on into the caliper pistons or wheel cylinders. When this occurs, the pads or shoes are activated and begin to rub against the drum or rotor. It is this final action which slows the vehicle down. One of the most popular types of brakes on a vehicle is disc brakes. Here is a brief guide on how to service them to avoid further Auto Mechanical Repair in Indianapolis IN.

Loosen It

The first thing which must be done is to loosen the lug nuts. This is done while the car is still on the ground. An impact wrench or lug wrench is used to loosen them. This also allows the nuts to be removed both quickly and safely.


Next, it is time to jack up the car. Safe jacking points may differ from vehicle to vehicle so it is best to consult the owner manual for the specific vehicle being worked on. Once the safe jacking points are located, jack the vehicle up into the air and secure it in place with jack stands.

Remove It

Once the vehicle is in the air, the tires can be easily removed. Simply finish removing the lug nuts by hand and then slide the tires out away from the vehicle. Many people recommend placing the wheel underneath the vehicle as an added safety precaution in the event the jack stand fails.

Locate It

With the wheel now off, there will be a clear view of the brake rotor. Directly to the right of the rotor is the caliper. Remove the caliper as one unit. While calipers may differ slightly from vehicle to vehicle, they are always affixed by bolts or clips. Check the pads to ensure they are not worn or otherwise damaged. Also, inspect the calipers for any visible damage. If there is no damage or wear, put everything back in reverse order. If there is wear or damage noticed, it will be time to undergo Auto Mechanical Repair in Indianapolis IN.

Many may feel more comfortable having the brakes looked at or worked on by professional mechanics. In this case, make sure to take the vehicle to a licensed repair shop such as Pete’s Service Center.

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