Tips from Residential Interior Decorators in Alexandria, VA

The interior design of a home is more than displaying items from travels, paint selections, and furniture. Whether you are finishing your new home or updating the one you have lived in for decades, it is important to develop a timeless interior that suits your particular taste. This can be easily achieved by following a few simple tips by the best residential interior decorators in Alexandria, VA.

Know Your Style

Think about the way you want a space to feel. Look in your closet. Do you see items that are tailored, or do you see items that are loose and comfortable? Also, take note of the patterns and colors. Consider the places where you have been, such as hotels and restaurants, and take note of the interiors that you liked the most.

In addition to discovering the things you like, residential interior decorators in Alexandria, VA, know that it is just as important to determine the things that you do not like. For example, certain pieces of furniture may bring back negative childhood memories, or certain color patterns may remind you of past trends you do not want to repeat. These reactions are personal to you and define your interior design taste.

Choose Your Paint Wisely

When selecting paint for your home, think of the whole house. The paint that you choose should connect the spaces in harmony. Therefore, painting one room at a time can give your home a disjointed feel.

You will also want to take into consideration the way the colors affect your mood. Colors have the power to make you feel agitated, calm, and happy. Residential interior decorators in Alexandria, VA recommend you sample colors on your walls before making any final decisions.

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