Tips For Selecting Quality Residential Movers In Jackson

Moving is always a difficult time, regardless of how small or how easy your residence may be to pack and move. Choosing the best moving companies in Jackson can help to make the move a smooth and effortless event, eliminating the stress and worry that is so common with do-it-yourself moves or cheap moving companies.

Choosing the right residential movers is easy if you take a short amount of time and do some online research. Of course, if you have personal recommendations for quality movers from friends, family, and coworkers, that is a great place to start.

Know Your Move Type

There are two different categories of residential movers. Local movers complete moves that are within the state and some even limit their services to a specific geographic area around Jackson.

These types of moving companies charge by the hour and can typically complete a move for a small to mid-sized residence in a day or less. For larger homes or for greater distances within the geographic area, the move may be split over two days.

Long distance residential movers provide relocation services out of state. These moving companies are regulated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), and they have different licensing requirements.

Long distance movers have a more complex formula for billing. It is based on mileage, weight on the truck as well as other factors. Working with national movers with multiple locations across the USA is optimal for these types of moves.

Know Your Moving Deadlines

It is a good idea to book a moving company for either type of move as soon as possible. Movers have peak times, which include the summer months and most weekends, with first and last weekends always the busiest.

Booking in advance allows for time to research the movers, get estimates, and then choose the best company for your relocation needs.

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