Tips for Preventing Neighbors from Using Your Dumpsters in Long Island NY

If you are doing some renovations or remodeling in your home or doing some other project that is going to generate a lot of trash, renting a dumpster is ideal. When you rent dumpsters in Long Island NY, you can get rid of a huge volume of trash in a quick and convenient way. But one big problem often occurs when homeowners or business owners rent a dumpster – their neighbors think they can use it. Here are some ways to prevent that from happening so people around you don’t fill up your dumpster before you do.

Bring the Dumpster Close
One of the best ways to prevent your neighbors from dumping debris in your rented dumpster is to keep it close to your home or business. If you keep it at a distance, it’s an open invitation for people to throw things in there. Most illegal dumpster users like to throw things in the bin quickly without being noticed. The closer you can keep your dumpster to your property, the less likely they will be to throw things in there.

Make Quick Use of the Dumpster
The longer your dumpster sits on your property, the more tempting it is for neighbors to throw things in there. One way to prevent this is to schedule the dumpster drop off for the day your renovation or remodeling project begins. In most cases, the dumpster simply needs to be on your property during the phase of the process where the contractors are taking out the old stuff to make room for the new materials. Or you can simply stack up the trash and debris in a neat pile surrounded by a makeshift wooden box. You can then rent one of the dumpsters in Long Island NY to be dropped off when the project is complete and you can fill it up and have it taken away in just a few hours.

Use a Smaller Dumpster
When your neighbors see a huge 40-yard dumpster sitting on your property, they are tempted to throw things in because they don’t think their little bit of trash will matter. But that doesn’t make it right for them to do it. If you rent a smaller dumpster, however, they are less likely to throw in debris. Besides that, it’s also cheaper and you probably don’t need a huge one for your needs anyway. If you do, you can always get a second load hauled away and still save money.

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