Tips for Finding the Best Pet-Friendly Apartments in Denton, TX

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Student Housing Center

One of the main reasons you are convinced that dorm life is not for you is because you can’t bring along your furry friend. Now, you must find the best pet-friendly apartments in Denton, TX. Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

As you look at pet-friendly apartments in Denton, TX, you should be aware that there are likely restrictions on the type of pet you can have. Just because a place is advertised as “pet-friendly” doesn’t mean you can have as many pets as you would like, take them anywhere on the property, or have any type of pet. It is common for places that allow dogs to have restrictions on their breed and size. You may be limited to one or two pets in the apartment. If you have a dog, you may not be allowed to take it everywhere within the complex.

Many pet-friendly apartments offer amenities that will make life as a pet owner more comfortable and convenient. Look for places with plenty of space for a litter box and other pet items if you have a cat. If you have a dog, look for an apartment with a dog park or trails on site.

Make sure you know all costs associated with having a pet in the apartment. You may be required to provide a security deposit that will not be returned. Or may have to pay pet rent.

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