Tips for Docking Your Boats in Appleton

One of the skills that you need as an experienced boater is to know how to dock the boat properly. If you don’t know what you’re doing, this can be a frustrating and possibly even dangerous experience for everybody on your boat. Here are some rules to help you when docking your boats in Appleton safely and securely.

Slow Down on the Approach
When you are approaching the dock in your boat, the first and most important rule is to only go as fast as you are comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable approaching the docking area at a moderate speed, slow it down before you start your approach. Save the faster speeds for approaching the dock to the experts with more experience.

Take Charge
If you are confident in your boat docking abilities, don’t let someone else tell you to do it another way. There is only one captain on a boat and there’s a reason for that. Dock your boat the way that you are comfortable doing it and you’ll gain respect and show others that you know your way around a boat. Also, remember that you and you alone are responsible for the vessel that you are operating. Don’t listen to others give you directions is you are sure that you are doing it right.

Know Your Boat
If you want to be more successful when docking your boats in Appleton, it’s important that you know your boat. This means you know how it handles, how it moves and how it steers so you can predict what it’s going to do as you are docking it. The best way to learn about your boat is to go out in it often. The more time you spend steering and operating it, the more comfortable you will be with it and the more you’ll know about how it handles.

Take Note of the Wind and Current
Docking your boat safely means considering several factors. One of the most important factors is the wind and current. When you’re out on the open waters, the wind and current can take you off course if you’re not careful. The same is true when you’re trying to dock your boat. Try to dock into the current when it’s possible. You may have to go past your slip, turn around and come in from the other direction. But this will be a safer way to get your boat docked then trying to work against the current.


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