Tips for Choosing Catering Companies in Lubbock

If you are planning a wedding and don’t want to feel stressed leading up to the big day, you want to delegate as much of your work load as possible. If you don’t hire a wedding planner, then the majority of the planning with fall on you, your loved ones, maid of honor, and your bridesmaids. You can of course, get your bridesmaids and other friends to help you with the flowers, event planning, and the photographer, but what about the food? That is where the catering companies Lubbock professionals come in handy. They can take all of the fuss and muss out of the food part of the reception for you. However, you want to be positive that the company you hire knows what they are doing ahead of time, not on the big day itself. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect catering companies in Lubbock professionals to meet your wedding catering needs.

It is best to get recommendations for a catering company through word of mouth if at all possible. Talk to your friends, family, and even co-workers that have recently gotten married to see who they used. If you don’t know anyone who has gotten married recently, then you may want to look in the Yellow Pages under wedding catering.
Once you choose a company that you would like to interview; call and talk to the person who books their catering events. Ask if it will be possible for you to go to one of the events that they will be catering in the near future. This will give you the chance to see, and taste what their food is all about, and give you the chance to see how they handle their customers, and their customer’s guests.

Once you have seen all that you need too, talk to the catering company about price. Don’t forget to tell them the size of the venue you are using for the reception, and the amount of people that they will be feeding.

A wedding is one of the happiest days of your life. Don’t let poor catering ruin it for you; hire a professional.


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