Tips For Buying A Low Profile Socket Set

One of the advantages of using fluorescent lighting is that it can be installed in a wide variety of different locations. Increasingly, there is a demand for smaller bulbs and more compact fixtures, which creates very small spaces to be able to get bulbs in and out of the fixtures.

To accommodate these small spaces, which can be for ceiling mounted types of fixtures or those used on walls or recessed under cupboards or behind counters, the low profile socket set is the ideal solution. These are smaller than the standard or tall types of sockets, but they are just as durable and offer greater flexibility for use in many different types of fixtures.

Know Your Requirements

There are different options in a low profile socket set. While they are generally used with standard bi-pin bulb bases, they can also be designed for a straight insertion option as well for LED lights. The straight insertion, low profile socket, is most commonly used with the T-8 bulb, while the other types of slide on, low profile bi-pin sockets can accommodate a T-8 or a T-12 bulb.

As with all types of sockets, the low profile socket set connects the bulb to the electrical circuit in the fixture, so they must also be configured to meet the specific size requirements for the light. In most applications, a flush-mount option in a socket is the most used. These are a very durable part and, with correct installation, they rarely need to be replaced.

Buying Online

Buying online offers the option to combine all types of sockets in your order and work with one supplier. Not only does this streamline the ordering process, but it can also help you to save money with higher volume orders.

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