Three Situations When You Might Need Crowns in the Chicago Area

Dental crowns are caps made of metal or porcelain that fit over a damaged tooth. These are three situations in which you might want to consider dental crowns in Chicago:

After a Root Canal

You may need to get a crown after your dentist performs a root canal procedure on you. The crown will make your tooth stronger so that it won’t be prone to breaking after the inside of your tooth has been removed. Dental crowns in Chicago are usually added to the cost of a root canal procedure because they’re often necessary.

When You Get a Large Filling

Anytime you get a large filling for tooth decay, the dentist has to remove part of your tooth. A large filling can leave your tooth vulnerable to breakage. Therefore, you may want to consider getting a crown to give yourself more protection. It will help you eat your foods comfortably and keep your filling intact for much longer.

To Help Create a Bridge

You might want to get some crowns to create a bridge if you have a missing tooth in a visible area. The dentist could create a bridge using two crowns and shave two of your teeth to create a setting for the bridge to adhere to. It’s a form of cosmetic dentistry that might be an option for you if you don’t want to go the route of getting a dental implant.

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