Three Signs That A Vehicle Requires Auto Suspension Service In Buffalo Grove IL That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Most drivers hit the road without any concept of the mechanical components that make a car safe and comfortable to drive, and the most overlooked issues are those that revolve around the suspension of a vehicle. Driving a car that requires auto suspension service in Buffalo Grove IL may not seem like a big issue, but if not repaired it will lead to unpredictable driving conditions and increase the propensity of being involved in a collision. The following are three indicators of an issue with a suspension system that shouldn’t be ignored.

Swaying and Pulling While Driving

When a suspension system is working as intended, a car will continue in a straight path for several seconds when a driver removes their hands from the steering wheel. The presence of excess pulling or swaying when driving in curves is often one of the first indicators of a suspension issue. Not only does this create excess strain and wear on the steering pump and tires, but it prevents a driver from having control of the car at high speeds.

Unusual Road Vibration

Minimal road vibration is common, even at high speeds. If a driver notices that the vibration is excessive or that bumps and potholes produce a more pronounced feeling, it is usually an indicator that a car requires auto suspension service in Buffalo Grove IL. It may not seem like a big deal on the surface but makes it more likely for a car to hydroplane and lose contact with the road in wet driving conditions.

Uneven Corner Panels

The four corners of a car should all be equidistant from the wheel well, as the extra space allows a vehicle to hit bumps and potholes without causing damage. If a car is sagging in one or more corners, it may be due to a suspension system malfunction. Hitting bumps when this issue is present will cause a car to sway, and at high speeds may lead to a loss of contact with the road.

Not addressing issues with a car’s suspension system may lead to disastrous results. The team at Dundee Wolf Auto provides service on nearly every make and model vehicle and offers a warranty on the labor they complete. Visit visit the website to learn more and keep any car safe on the road for less. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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