Three Significant Benefits Of Dog Grooming In Bowie

Dog owners love their animals, but many of them don’t realize the importance of regular grooming by a professional groomer. In addition to improving the dog’s appearance, grooming offers health benefits and more. Read the information below to learn three significant benefits of dog grooming in Bowie.

Health Benefits

Regular grooming by a professional groomer keeps the dog’s coat and skin clean and healthy. Dirt that accumulates on a dog’s skin can be aggravating and cause the animal to constantly itch. Dogs feel better after they’ve had a bath because any skin irritants have been washed away.

When groomers wash a dog’s fur, they look for wounds on the skin, missing hair, and signs of fleas and ticks. If any of these issues are present, the groomer will alert the pet owner right away in case a visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

Nail Benefits

When a dog’s nails aren’t regularly trimmed, they’ll continue to grow out too long. This can be painful for the animal, especially if the nails curve downwards into their paws. This will cause dogs to have sore feet and limp when they walk.
A dog’s long nails can also get hung in carpeting and rugs, which also causes the animal pain. It’s very beneficial for dogs when their owners request a nail trim while they’re at the groomers.

Appearance Benefits

Dogs that have long or curly hair can easily get their hair tangled or matted, which causes the dog to look uncared for. When a dog’s hair becomes twisted or knotted, it can pull on the skin and become painful. Dogs will often bite at the tangles to get them out, and this pulls on the hair, which can leave a bald spot.

Long hair will also grow down into a dog’s face and cover the eyes. This can be dangerous for animals because their vision is obstructed. Individuals can prevent this from occurring when they take their dog to a professional who specializes in dog grooming in Bowie.

Individuals in Bowie who need to have their dog groomed can contact Gambrills Veterinary Center. This clinic provides extensive grooming services including bathing, deep conditioning, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Visit their website at to learn additional facts about their grooming services.

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