Three Reasons to Choose Seafood for Your Next Event in Charleston, SC

Are you debating between beef and chicken for catering your next event? Charleston seafood markets offer a bounty of fresh, healthy dishes, so why not choose seafood instead? Here are three reasons to consider seafood catering in Charleston, SC.

Bring Something Different to the Table

Every other event features trusty dishes like steak and pasta, so why not bring something differing to the table with seafood? Your guests will appreciate a reprieve from the same old boring dinner they had at the last wedding or party they attended.

Serve a Variety of Different Choices

If you want options, you can find them with seafood catering in Charleston, SC. Seafood can be baked, broiled, fried, grilled or rolled into sushi. Side dishes like slaw, corn on the cob, macaroni salad and fresh greens offer plenty of choices for vegetarians.

Health-conscious Guests Will Approve

Low in fat and rich in heart-healthy fatty acids, seafood is an excellent choice for guests who are concerned about their health. Some of the best options you can choose from a Charleston seafood market include flounder, snapper and shrimp. Choose baked and broiled options over breaded and fried.

Are you looking for a local company to provide seafood dishes for your party or event? As a family-owned business for four generations, Mt. Pleasant Seafood continues to provide the best catch on the creek served with a side of southern hospitality. See what’s fresh at

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