Three Major Industrial Applications Of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Essentially sheet metal is metal formed into thin pieces. The width of the piece varies according to the intended application. It is a common material used in commercial and residential applications. Precision sheet metal fabrication of various types using diverse widths, thicknesses, and metals ensures it is suitable for those and various industrial components.

Common Processes

Precision metal fabrication works to produce parts with tight tolerances, using any of several methods to achieve the exacting specifications the applications and company demand. Metal fabrication involves forming, shaping, and joining. To accomplish this, fabricating shops may utilize various forms of stamping, e.g., bending, forming, punching, and pressing as well as machining and welding. These and other processes provide industries with the functionality, finished-quality, and desired qualities common to components produced by precision sheet metal fabrication.

Three Major Industrial Applications

Sheet metal applications comprise a significant component of our everyday world. The type of metal may vary, with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum being the most common as well as the thickness. Industrial sectors commonly using sheet metal fabrication to provide durable, reliable, robust, and precise parts are the following:

  1. Aerospace industry: Plane wings of all sizes have metal coated with precision fabricated sheet metal as do fuselages.
  2. Automotive Industry: Sheet metal provides the basis for a variety of components for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Car panels are the most common but even smaller parts for wheels and motors can use sheet metal
  3. Construction: Companies use sheet metal in various forms. From HVAC to roofing to rain gutters and various electrical parts, precision fabrication ensures solid construction

All owe successful productivity to precision sheet metal fabrication.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal is a vital component of many components for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Precision sheet metal fabrication provides the aerospace, automotive, and construction industries with the basis to ensure the functionality of their products.

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