Three Important Benefits That Come With Moving Off Campus in Denver

Living in the dorms is a life-changing experience. It’s the first time you have any kind of independence because you aren’t living with your parents. After a while, it does come time to move out of the dorms and take the next step into off-campus housing at the University of Denver. The following are three of the main benefits you experience when you move off campus.

1. Privacy – While you gain a lot of independence when you live in the dorms, you don’t get much in the way of privacy. A dorm room means sharing a closet-sized room with another person. Moving to off-campus housing at the University of Denver means you will have a lot more privacy. You will have your bedroom and only share a bathroom with one or two other people. It can go a long way towards improving your grades and productivity.

2. Social Circle – Your social circle expands when you move off campus. You no longer are stuck in the bubble of your college campus. You may be surprised at the lifelong friends you make during this phase of your life when you start to spread your wings.

3. Cost – Moving off-campus means you no longer have to pay for a mandatory dorm meal plan. Apartments generally come with rent that is cheaper than the cost of living in the dorms. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, move out of the dorms next semester.

These are just three reasons to consider moving into an apartment at University House Denver next year. Check out their offerings on the website at

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