Three Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Off-Campus Housing

Halloween is just around the corner, and you may be looking for a way to decorate your Indiana University off-campus housing. Why not create your own Halloween decor? You can get started by checking out these easy DIY Halloween decor ideas.

Halloween Wreath on the Door

Start with the entrance of your student apartment, which you can adorn with a Halloween-themed wreath. You can find the accessories and base at various craft stores, and the accessories may include pumpkins, bats, birds, skulls, and black flowers. A garland of black or golden leaves can also be used on a Halloween wreath.

Web of Spiders on the Wall

Inside your Indiana University off-campus housing, you can decorate the walls with spider rings and toys attached to fake webs. You can also place your webs and spiders on your dining chairs or around the interior window frames. It is best to hang the webs with painter’s tape or self-adhesive hooks to avoid damaging the surfaces.

Pumpkins Throughout the Apartment

You can also keep your Halloween decor simple by placing pumpkins throughout your student apartment. Smaller pumpkins can be placed on your tables or counters, while larger pumpkins can maximize the unused space in corners. You can carve or paint the pumpkins to add a personal touch, or you can leave the pumpkins to their natural appearance.

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