Three Conditions Active Release Therapy in Strongsville, OH, Targets

When your body experiences an injury, you are encouraged to rehab it as soon as possible. Injuries can lead to strained nerves, impede range of motion and cause other issues to the soft tissue. Active Release Therapy Strongsville, OH, seeks to help patients rehabilitate through means that are not invasive.

Here are three conditions this therapy has treated.

Abductor Strains

A strain to the abductor is generally a pulled muscle near the inner thigh or groin area of your leg. It is uncomfortable as it can make it difficult to walk or play competitive sports. One goal of this therapy is to bring back range of motion. An abductor strain prevents you from walking without discomfort or a limp. The therapy treats the muscle by adding pressure to relive pain.

Hamstring Flexibility

Hamstring injuries have become more common in professional sports, namely baseball. Medical researchers have not figured out why that is, but they have employed therapy to bring the athlete back from the injury as soon as possible. After this therapy, a small test case of 20 athletes showed that their hamstring flexibility improved. Since athletes are stronger and exercising more often, it is important to ensure they remain flexible, too.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Nerve injuries have seen a spike in cases like carpal tunnel syndrome. When this therapy was employed, studies showed that patients saw an improvement in their condition within two weeks.

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