Three Common and Little-Known Applications for Metal Flat Bars

An aluminium flat bar is a constructed piece of metal that tradespeople and craftsmen use for building, stabilizing, and other unique purposes. Manufacturers can configure the product to different widths, lengths, and thicknesses depending on the client’s needs. The final size determines how much stress it can be put under and what type of applications it is suitable for. Here are three common ways to use an aluminium flat bar.

  1. Construction

Specialists make heavy-duty bars to build homes, commercial buildings, and other structures. A manufacturer creates the pieces to order, or a construction crew may cut them to fit their projects. Architects can develop additions for existing buildings with this material to strengthen the overall structure. Once the appropriate size, the metal is screwed and welded together to create the frame.

  1. Support

After a crew constructs a building, engineers can strategically add flat bars to support weak areas. Some places you might find these structural beams are around ductwork or above a heavy gate or door. Heating and air conditioning companies use them to brace large units. If a fixture is failing, this product may be affixed to it to save the building or support it until demolition.

  1. Art

A little-known application for this industrial item is art. Crafters take the bars and shape them into imaginative forms. Artists create statues and other larger-than-life works, and people can see these in commercial establishments or museums. Some homeowners have repurposed these industrial sculptures into garden and entryway gates. Designers have molded smaller pieces into table legs, gate handles, and yard art.

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