Things You Need to Know About SR22 Insurance in St. Louis, MO

If you have experienced traffic related legal issues that have resulted in your license being revoked, when your license is reinstated, you’ll need automotive insurance. In every state, automotive insurance is required in order to legally operate a motor vehicle. However, if, as mentioned above, you had legal issues that has resulted in your driver’s license being taken away from you, you will need a special type of insurance and this insurance is known as SR 22. The question you may have is what is SR22 insurance in St. Louis, MO and how does it differ from standard car insurance.

For people who have their license revoked because of certain legal issues involving operating a motor vehicle, sr22 insurance in St. Louis MO is a certificate that a person files for through their insurance company and this filing is brought to the states attention. This is a declaration to the state that you have the correct amount of liability insurance while operating a motor vehicle.

The real question that people have about SR 22 insurance revolves around the cost. Most insurance experts will tell you that this type of insurance is going to be more expensive. While that is true, there are certain levels of expense when it comes to this type of insurance. If you had your license suspended because of unpaid traffic tickets, SR 22 insurance will typically be more affordable. However, if you had your license suspended because of serious motor vehicle violations such as DUI, reckless driving or you’re driving patterns contributed to significant injury or the death of another motorist, your SR 22 insurance can be rather expensive. In addition to that, you can expect to have to pay these premiums for at least three years if not longer depending on the severity of the reasons behind your license being suspended.

There are many insurance carriers that offer this type of insurance. Therefore if you find yourself in the St. Louis, Missouri area and you’ve recently had your driver’s license reinstated and you’re looking for insurance, you want to check around. Depending on the situation, you may find SR 22 insurance to be rather affordable. In other cases, it may be more expensive. In any situation, comparing the cost of this insurance from different companies is still the best way to find the most competitive price for this type of insurance policy.

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