Things to Know About Private Residential Curbside Trash Collection in San Antonio TX

As municipalities increasingly charge fees to regularly pick up trash and recycling, more consumers are choosing private services so they can save money with better customization. They might only need residential curbside trash collection in San Antonio TX every two weeks, for instance, and don’t like paying fees for weekly service. They prefer to deal with a private business instead of with a government agency.


Residential curbside trash collection in San Antonio TX through a private company is relatively similar to municipal pickup. There are scheduled days when the trucks come through and pick up the garbage and recyclable items. Customers generally are provided with big lidded carts that they roll out in front of the property either the night before or the morning of pickup. Some companies require all waste to be gathered into plastic garbage bags before being added to the containers.

The company provides lists of items that cannot be disposed of in these containers, such as hazardous waste. A list of recyclable items also is included.

Larger Items

For larger items, there may be scheduled dates during the year when customers can set these things out next to the carts for pickup. The companies provide lists of acceptable items, such as furniture and certain appliances. If a big load of trash and recyclables needs to be disposed of, companies like Tiger Sanitation can provide a roll-off container or dumpster for this purpose. That’s in addition to their regular curbside service.


People in rural neighborhoods have increasingly been choosing this type of service so they don’t have to truck stuff out to the dump and recycling center every week or two. It’s only been in more recent years that private companies began to compete with municipal agencies, realizing they had valuable services to offer urban residents for an affordable price. To learn more about one particular company, visit

In addition, some municipalities have stopped offering curbside pickup altogether. Their budgets simply do not allow for the service without charging residents exorbitant prices. Those residents must find other ways to dispose of the garbage, and private waste collection nearly always is the best option. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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