There is Exceptional Beauty in Poured Flooring

You’ve seen flooring that has seams and breaks in the floor that you know just collects bacteria. Many homeowners and business owners are now becoming acclimated to a new type of flooring called, Poured Flooring. This is a type of floor that has no seams and runs continuously throughout the home or business. It’s antimicrobial and much more sanitary than a floor with crevices in it. This flooring can be purchased for those who are looking for a certain personality style that is especially stamped with a design, or for the person looking for a more functional floor that cleans easily and is still attractive.

Clean up of these floors is so easy to do without having to scrub dirty crevices around tile flooring. Just damp mop and you’re done. Floors that have little slip resistance can be ordered and poured. Business is flourishing for these types of floors, with the many strip malls going up all over the country and individual purchasers striving for a type of floor that doesn’t hold dirt and bacteria, but offers excellent eye appeal. You can view more of these floors at website You can view how they’re poured in various businesses and residences they’ve recently completed.

The company offers free estimates, good prices, excellent customer service, is well known and has been in business for three generations. Building a reputation by word of mouth advertising has allowed them to service the community with over 50 years of valuable service to customers. They pour epoxies, urethane, acrylics and more for kitchens, pharmeceutical companies, commercial offices, such as automobile showrooms and salons, or factory buildings, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, and anywhere else a continuous Poured Flooring is needed.

Whatever type of floor you have in mind to do the job you want it to, the company can help by offering suggestions based on their extreme knowledge of the products they sell and how they’ve assisted other customers. You’ll get a good idea on the website when you read how many local companies have called on them to pour their own specialized floors. From fire departments, airport hangars, show houses, well known television studios, and many other large showrooms in the area have all called upon a company that understands everything there is to know about pouring seamless floors.

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