There Are Free Cell Phones in Georgia and You Might Qualify to for One

You or someone you know may qualify for a free government cell phone in Georgia. There is a government program that helps people access phone services, and it includes the phone, a monthly plan, and text messages. This device can keep a family connected to work, loved ones, and their community.


Once individuals qualify for this benefit, they do not have to pay anything. If a person wants additional features, such as international calling, they can add that to their plan, but they will be responsible for that portion of the bill. Otherwise, it is a free service.


Because this program was designed to help low-income families access the internet and cellular services, there are financial limits. The government threshold depends upon how many people live in your household and what state you reside in.

Assistance Programs

Besides income limits, a person must be enrolled in another government assistant program. People on Medicaid or who live in Section 8 housing may apply. Veterans who receive a pension and their survivors might also qualify. Families who get food or nutritional help may fall into this category too.

Internet Access

When a person receives the phone, it will be internet-ready. With this feature, kids can connect to online learning, and everyone can access telemedicine. This is a temporary service. Once the United States moves out of its current state of emergency, the plan will end. In the meantime, it is a way for people to stay connected to the outside world without making unnecessary trips. For more details and to apply for a free government cell phone in Georgia, contact Infiniti Mobile at .

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