The Ways of Doing Metal Fabrication in Kent, WA

In the industrial setting, contractors always have to put something together. Some items are put together through carpentry. Some items require stone masons. A great deal of work that goes into the building requires what is known as metal fabrication. This is the process of building by cutting, bending and assembling. Through this process, contractors create structures, machines and other similar products for customers. There is a fabrication shop that does Metal Fabrication Kent WA. Here are some of the ways in which the fab shops put together projects through fabrication.

Jobs that require metal fabrication include but are not limited to, parts of larger machinery, the framework for heavy machines and buildings, and hand railings and stairs for buildings. As noted, the three methods of the process for fabrication are cutting, bending and assembling. When the fabricator uses cutting, he or she employs chiseling, sawing, and shearing. The fabricator also uses oxy-fuel torching and plasma torching, lasers, mill bits and water jet. Bending is done by manual hammering or press brakes. Fabrication by bending is also used by computer programming software to get precision finished products.

Fabrication by assembling is done by welding applications, threaded fasteners, and rivets. The materials used in this type of fabrication are usually sheet metal and structural steel. All the raw material in metal fabrication has to be cut to the desired size. Then the materials are placed on a burn table where the parts are cut out according to the program set up in the software. From here, fabricators can form, machine and weld the product until it is exactly as the customer ordered. In the final stage, the welded product is sandblasted, primed and painted.

Specialty Metals has been providing customers in the Kent, Washington area with fabrication solutions for more than 36 years. The company has stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum, available in sheet, tube, bar, plate and structural. If a customer has needs for a rare or special metal, the company is able to source it. Everything from metal cutting to fabrication to value-added services is available for customers. If any customers are in need of Metal Fabrication Kent WA, the company is available. Browse website .

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