The Total Package for Pet Sitting in Omaha NE

When people travel it can be a challenge to find someone trustworthy to look after their pet. Rather than hiring a stranger and hope that their pet is properly take care of, owners should turn to one of the most luxurious locations for Pet Sitting in Omaha NE. With trained staff on hand around the clock, pet owners can rest assured that their animal will enjoy the experience and be treated humanely.

Making Pet Welfare the Priority

News stories pop up all too often about boarding facilities mistreating animals because they are overbooked, understaffed, or negligent with their employees. Unlike the locations in those stories, there are places like Cottonwood Pet Resort that have the proper ratio of caring staff to animal, plenty of space for the pets to rest or socialize in, and is kept impeccably clean to reduce the chance of spreading illnesses. Boasting large outdoor areas for running and interaction with other pets, facilities like this can greatly exceed one’s expectations.

Overnight Stays Aren’t Necessary

Many pet owners don’t require overnight lodging but need their pet to be watched for more hours than they can be left home alone. Fortunately, some facilities will accommodate an animal on an hourly basis for as long as needed. Providing food, lodging, activities, and even grooming, these businesses offer daycare for both exotic and domestic pets alike.

Ensuring the Safety of All Occupants

When it comes to the diversity of animals that require Pet Sitting in Omaha NE, facilities like Cottonwood Pet Resort are set up to keep the species separated. Owners don’t have to worry about a dog and cat getting into a squabble or perhaps an exotic lizard coming in contact with a roaming kitten. With ten acres of space to accommodate these pets, each species will have a specified area with caretakers who are trained to understand how the animals would normally respond and interact within a strange environment.

Keeping Family Together

To make the stay more comfortable for both the pet as well as owner, the facility also provides various sizes of pens or “suites” that can accommodate more than one pet. Two or more dogs can stay in a large pen that also has an outdoor patio while cats can stay together in a room with climbing and scratching structures. These accommodations guarantee that pets who live together will have the ability to stay close when they are away from home. Contact us for more information.

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