The Spay and Neuter Clinic in Lenexa, KS Offers Many Other Pet Related Services

One of the greatest joys a person can have in their life is owning a pet. Maintaining a pet’s health is part of that relationship, and finding the best care for the pet is a necessity. As pet populations increase, and increasing numbers of stray animals run around, many animal experts advocate a pet owner have pets spayed and neutered. Finding the best facility to have this done is essential. That is the reason that pet owners seeking Spay and Neuter Lenexa KS services are turning to Cherokee Animal Clinic. The clinic, which originally opened in 1964, can handle all aspects of spaying and neutering, and so much more.

One of the many other services offered by pet clinics is preventive care exams. These exams are recommended twice a year. During the exam, the veterinarian will check the lungs, heart, and other major organs. The veterinarian also checks for signs of tumors and problems with a pet’s joints. In addition to the physical exam, the blood is checked for parasites. This examination is equal to a human getting an annual check up. Having these exams is essential to maintaining a pet’s good heath and getting a handle on any developing health problems. During this exam is a good time to inquire about Lenexa Spay and Neuter services.

Another service these clinics provide is care for older pets. As pets age, their care changes. The goal of the clinic is to aid in lengthening a pet’s life, and at the same time, address problems that affect older pets. Some of the problems that affect older pets are arthritis, weight gain, worsening hip dysplasia pain and other conditions.

Another popular service offered by veterinary clinics is boarding care. What better place to leave a pet than the place that looks after their health? The clinic offers separate temperature controlled areas of accommodations for both cats and dogs. This is important, considering some pet boarding facilities in the area only offer outdoor accommodations.

A pet owner who is seeking the best care for their animal should consider the services offered by Cherokee Animal Clinic. To investigate the full scope of their services one should visit their website. When it comes down to it, a person’s pet is very much a part of the family, and that is the reason finding the best care available is essential.

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