The Right Aluminum Plate Stock With Knowledgeable and Experienced Providers

Aluminum plate distributors with over nine decades of industry experience in supplying a multitude of industries from aerospace and construction to transport, packaging, hydraulics applications and more, have a complete understanding of aluminum’s strengths, properties, and tolerances.

Aluminum Plate According to Dimensions and Type

Aluminum plate suppliers can supply clients with plate stock according to the client’s specific needs and purposes. Aluminum Plate includes different types: wrought, mold, and cast. These provide respective advantages according to various applications.

Wrought Plate

Wrought aluminum plate is often the stronger material. It’s also comparatively easy to repair, and it’s typically less subject to thermal stress and or internal defects. Wrought plate grades include:

  • 2024 Aluminum
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • 7050 Aluminum
  • 7075 Aluminum

Cast Plate

Cast aluminum plate is frequently the stronger option for use in high temperature ranges, and manufacturing tends to be less costly compared to counterparts produced with wrought plate. Cast plate stock includes:

  • Alca 5
  • Mic 6

Mold Plate

Mold aluminum plate exhibits dimensionally stable, highly dense, and high-strength qualities, especially in mold and plastic industries involving high temperatures. Mold plate stock includes:

  • M1
  • M5
  • Max 5

Expert Aluminum Suppliers

Knowledgeable and experienced aluminum plate suppliers have an extensive range of aluminum plate stock sourced directly from top global industry providers. Leading-edge onsite and field sawing capabilities with in-depth knowledge of aluminum’s characteristics also allow for precision cutting in high volumes and in shorter turnaround times.

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