The Pros of Living in a Student Apartment Rather Than a College Dorm Room

While the college admissions office will always recommend that living in one of their on-campus dormitories is the best choice that you can make, the truth of the matter is that renting Towson off-campus housing is probably your best bet. There are plenty of reasons why this is so.


The security that you will find in an apartment complex designed for students is far superior to what you will find in a college dormitory. Complexes offer exclusive keycard access, security camera, and lighting in all parking lots and common areas. These options go a long way toward making you feel safe coming back home to your apartment.

Common Areas

There are areas of the apartment complex that are set aside specifically so that residents can meet and mingle with others who are living in the same building. This is a great and safe way to meet new people without having to venture out into the city or get distracted while on campus.

More Independence

Living on your own and bearing all of the responsibility that comes with renting your own apartment definitely gives you the independence that most students crave. Compare this with all of the rules and regulations that dormitories require, and the preferred choice is obvious.

Easier To Study

It is much easier to study in the peaceful domain of your own apartment than it is to try and do so in the hustle and bustle of a college dormitory. You can be assured that Towson off-campus housing will avail you of the opportunity for good grades.

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