The Options Available In Linen Napkins

For any type of table setting, having beautiful linen napkins to add a touch of color and design is always a terrific option. More elegant and sophisticated than basic paper napkins, even the top quality heavy paper options, they add that formal and more upscale look.

However, linen napkins don’t have to be stuffy, boring, or old fashioned. With the right linen napkins, you can help to create a theme, accentuate specific colors, or give your guests a burst of pattern and design right at their place setting.

There are several different options to consider when choosing linen napkins. They should, of course, match with your selection of table linens and chair covers, and they should also be selected to match your place settings and centerpieces. While this may sound complicated with all the different options in styles and designs, you won’t find this is the challenge it may initially appear.

Fabric Options

While there are linen napkins actually made from the fabric of the same name, these are often not practical as they stain easily and are also more likely to wrinkle and crease. For most restaurants, events and weddings a polyester blend napkin is much more practical as they can be easily washed and dried at home using standard laundering methods and products.

This is very different than traditional linen napkins which have to be cleaned using dry cleaning methods. Not only does this add to the cost of using these napkins frequently but it also means extra trips to and from the cleaners.

Color Considerations

The very low cost of the new polyester and satin, Lamour, or taffeta linen napkins means that you can choose different colors for all your entertaining needs. For weddings or special dinners, it is easy to pair the napkin with the color scheme including seasonal colors.

You may also want to consider patterned napkins to add a bit of zing to your table. Chevron patterns are very popular and blend with both floral and unique centerpieces. They are also a perfect option for solid colored place settings to give some design and bright colors.

It is also possible to choose stripes, zebra patterns or glitz sequins, perfect for any special event. For true elegance and a vintage style, look for linen napkins with flocking to provide both a textured napkin as well as a lot of visual appeal.

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