The Most Sought-After West Chelsea Luxury Condos

The most sought-after West Chelsea luxury condos offer their residents a surplus of benefits. For example, condos at The Cortland Condominium provide activities for adults, children, and families, such as virtual reality rooms, day spas, and 3D printers. Here are the top three amenities of the best West Chelsea luxury condos.

1. 24/7 Security

Whether you live in the countryside or a dense urban environment like West Chelsea, you and your family want to be safe. The best luxury condos in West Chelsea offer 24/7 security. They will monitor the building and hallways with cameras. They will also have a doorman or staff member on the premises at all times in case of an emergency.

2. Wellness Spas

Who doesn’t like to pamper themselves once in a while? At the most sought-after West Chelsea luxury condos, you do not have to leave the building to enjoy a day at the spa. The condominium building will have a resident-only access spa. After a long day at work, you can relax in a sauna or enjoy a deep tissue massage.

3. Off-Street or Valet Parking

It is not fun to find parking in any city. It is also devastating to come out of your condo to discover your car was parked at the wrong time and towed or broken into by a criminal. The best luxury condos offer off-street or valet parking. You will not have to ever worry about finding a parking spot because you will have access to a private one.

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