The Many Uses of Home Additions in Bergen County

Whether you want to add just a few hundred square feet to widen your living area or need an additional bedroom, home additions are often far more cost-effective than buying a new home. In addition, many families find that they would rather stay in the same property than go through the trouble of finding and buying a new home before selling their old property. No matter what you do with the added space, your property will look and feel far more inviting and attractive if you have a professional team add the space you need.

Another Room

It could be that a child recently moved back into the home or you plan to introduce a new member to the household and home additions in Bergen County are the best way to make room. The added room could also be a great way to make room for guests to visit more comfortably, allowing you to put away the blow-up mattress and offer them a comfortable bed. No matter how you use the added bedroom, it will immediately add thousands to the valuation of your property.


Some people contact companies such as RWS Build & Remodeling because they want to build a work office in their homes. One added bonus to this type of addition is that you can write off your office space during tax season if it is at or above a certain number of square feet. Professional teams come to your home, discover the limitations of your property, gather permits and other permissions, and then begin building the addition in a matter of days.

Avoid Moving

At the end of the day, most home additions are done to help a family avoid the cost and frustration of moving. Many families remain in the same home for generations and moving out is something no longer something that can be done easily or without great emotional stress. Rather than moving homes, you could add more space to the property to make room for future generations of the family.

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