The Latest Trends in Color for Kitchen Remodeling in Dayton, Ohio

Color is one of the easiest things to add or change in your kitchen. One of the easiest ways to experiment with color, especially if you have an all-white kitchen and open shelves, is to change the color of the items you keep on your shelves and counter space. If you do have an all-white kitchen, adding color to the display on your shelves or the items on your counters is also an easy way to begin experimenting with color and color combinations to learn what you like and might like to try on a larger scale if adding color is going to be part of your kitchen remodeling in Dayton, OH.

Trending Colors for Your Kitchen

One neutral style that’s trending for 2020 is black. Black and slate appliances with a vintage look are replacing stainless steel. Some kitchens are even going from all white to all black. The result is a sleek, sophisticated look that mixes textures and finishes from matte to glossy.

The idea of mixing gray with beige to create greige is expanding. If you’re not sure you want to add bright colors to your kitchen, another on-trend idea is to add gray to green, purple, or blue. The result is a sage-like color, a purple-gray, and a blue gray. It’s a way of adding s color that still works like a neutral.

Another trend adds pops of unusual colors to your all white kitchen. Manufacturers offer ranges and other appliances in colors like robin’s egg blue and mint green. The ranges often feature a vintage look. Other popular colors include a sunny, buttery yellow; green in all shades and tints; and blue greens like turquoise, jade, and aqua. Paint your ceiling in one of these fun, unexpected colors and include appliances in a second color and a breakfast table in a third color. Avoid going too trendy and choosing a color combination you might tire of quickly. Look for one that you think will brighten your time in the kitchen for about five years.

Other Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

The trend to replace wall-hung cupboards with open shelving or countertop plate racks leaves wall space available as a place to hang artwork or display it on shelves for a curated look.

In some cases, though, backsplashes with elaborate or bold, large scale designs supply the artwork. Backsplashes of handmade neutral or colored cement or terracotta tiles also add texture.

Brick backsplashes add both texture and pattern. The bricks can be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to create different geometric shapes, such as diamond or hexagons. If the idea of red bricks feels too dark to you, you can whitewash the bricks to lighten the red color.

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