The Importance Of Pup Joints

For companies supplying the oil fields of Texas, particularly in the western part of the state, having a good supply of all types of parts and components on hand provides a competitive edge. With the long distance between major cities and the lack of specialized oil field suppliers in the area, finding a top manufacturer’s representative and wholesale distributors is a critical part of maintaining the parts your customers need.

One of the components that is a must-have item on any drilling rig is the pup joint. There are many different options in pup joints, and the smaller size of these components, coupled with their high demand, makes them a good product to have on hand at all times.

What to Consider with Selection

Your on-hand selection of api pup joints makes it easy to supply what your drilling customers are looking for. These specific short length types of pipe are non-standard in length, and vary from two feet in length up to 12 feet in length, depending on the specific types of pup joint required.
There are also different grades of metals used in both standard and perforated pup joint sizes and options, and these can be found in standard pipe, tubing, and casing sizes.

Seamless pup joint sizes are commonly used throughout the oil fields of Texas, and these can include the API monogrammed pup joints and perforated pup joints. As a good guideline, look for a supplier and wholesalers with a good basic inventory of pipe and joints and the ability to quickly bring in any custom sizes required.

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