The Importance of Pets For Seniors

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Assisted Living

You may be concerned that your aging loved one is home alone most of the time. When they are no longer able to drive themselves to the store or to medical appointments, many seniors get lonely. Some even become depressed. One way to help alleviate the loneliness is for them to adopt a pet. Whether they get a pet that is specially-trained to assist elderly people or a shelter cat or dog, the benefits are often seen immediately.

Seniors with new pets may wish to research the breed, reading and doing online searches to find out as much as they can about their new pet. While research keeps their mind active, they prepare to provide for all of their pet’s needs, including walking, grooming and entertaining their cat or dog. Many seniors prefer older pets rather than puppies and kittens because younger pets tend to be overly energetic.

Pets need a certain amount of attention and seniors need someone to give their attention to so they won’t feel so alone. When your loved one is healthy enough to live in their own home, a dog or cat can make a great companion. These pets need to be fed every day. Dogs need to be walked, which gives seniors a reason to get outdoors in the fresh air. Dog owners can make new friends or simply interact with other dog owners while they are on their daily walks.

Though cats don’t require outdoor walks, studies have shown that petting a cat can lower a pet owner’s blood pressure. Cat owners usually spend a lot of time petting and brushing their cats or playing with balls of yarn with their beloved pets. Their antics are often humorous and can help your loved one find enjoyment in their day. Cats are a fairly low-maintenance pet. If your loved one needs to move from their own home to a senior care facility or active senior community, cats are typically welcome.

Fountain View Active Retirement Community encourages residents to bring their pets along. Small dogs and up to two cats are welcome in the senior care community. For more information, visit

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