The Importance of Getting a Security Assessment Done by an Emergency Locksmith Lawrence

You’ve just closed on your new home. No doubt you’re excited, and are trying to decide what needs done before you can move in, and what can wait. Should you paint now or later? Can the carpet wait, or should you have it installed before you move in? What about the small repairs? Cosmetic changes like these can be taken care before or after you move in, and the “when” decisions can be made at your leisure.

Safety changes, on the other hand, should almost always be decided on and taken care of before you move in. Safety changes to take care of before moving in include installing smoke and radon detectors, replacing faulty outlets, and most importantly, assessing what condition your new home’s locks are door jams are in. Because according to Lockworks, an Emergency locksmith Lawrence:

“73% of all burglars kick in doors to gain entry, and 80% of burglars target homes with cheap deadbolt locks, and weak door jams. One strong kick can crack the door frame and allow entry to your home”

What this means is that the very first thing you need to do before moving in is have a security assessment done. This can be done by a locksmith, who can tell you what condition your current locks are in, as well as how effective they are. Depending on the area, you may also want to have a contractor come in and take a look at your door jams, to assess how strong they are. Depending on who you hire, your locksmith may be able to do this as well.

Depending on what the locksmith and/or contractor says, you’ll want to seriously consider any repairs and installations they suggest. If your home already has good locks, the locksmith may suggest something as simple as re-keying them. If it has old and/or ineffective locks, your Emergency locksmith Lawrence can offer you advice on upgrading your locks to something more secure. If any repairs are needed on your doors and door jams themselves, you’ll want to schedule that as well. Once you know your home is secure with good locks, and doors that can’t easily be kicked in, you can feel safe moving in and making your new house a home. Visit Lockworks Lawrence for more details!

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