The Importance of Banjo Camlock Fittings

Banjo camlock fittings are usually made of polypropylene and come in sizes of half inch to four inches on average. You can also custom order the different sizes that you may find yourself in need of from Pro Flow Dynamics. Camlock fittings are devices that, though hardly noticed, have a very significant role in piping. They are used in the transfer of fluids in pipes or hoses in hydraulic systems, oil as well as fuel lines. Its name is derived from the fact that it is shaped round and it has a hole in the centre where the bolt is fitted. This is a hollow bolt that has holes on both ends allowing the fluid to pass through.

These fittings tend to be popular because they are quite flexible and can be used in a circle. In addition they work well in high pressure settings and are highly efficient making them perfect for use in industrial settings. They are also used in the automotive industry in clutches and braking systems. There are those that are able to disconnect quickly. These tend to be used more in the domestic setting and not the industrial. You can also find those that can be reused.

Banjo camlock fittings are used to connect one pipe to the next and also to stop any unwanted leakage of the fluid being moved. They also ensure security as well as safety at the work place. They are quick to connect as well as disconnect as needed. In addition they come in different sizes to make it easier for you to find the one you are in need of. With the right measurements finding what you require should not be a big challenge. However, if what you need is not readily available in the market, you can have yours custom manufactured.

These camlock fittings are made of different materials. You can have some made of polypropylene, brass, stainless steel and even aluminum. They are recently also being made from food grade plastic so they can be used in the handling of liquid food such as milk. They have now been introduced into the field of agriculture, chemical processing, winery and more. They have proven invaluable in these industries and will continue to be in use for years to come. Even though they are a small device, they are a must-have if you are to be successful in your fluid transfer, whatever that fluid may be. Order yours today by calling Pro Flow Dynamics.

Banjo camlock fittings have proven invaluable in our industries today, especially in the field of petroleum. One of the suppliers of this device is Pro Flow Dynamics.

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