The Calla Lily Boutonnieres in Des Moines are Perfect for Weddings

Have you decided that the white calla lily will be your featured wedding and reception flower? The calla lily is a beautiful and elegant choice. Some brides walk down the aisle holding a single lily. The delicate look of the flower and the curving adds to its appeal. It is considered to be a romantic flower. It symbolizes the beautiful shape of a woman and it is often feature in weddings. Further the flower is an elegant choice for Boutonnieres Des Moines.

When deciding on your wedding flower, it is wise to keep it the same color or in the same color-family as your wedding color. For example, are your wedding colors teal and white? Perhaps, they are black and white? In most cases, any color or color combination will work well with the calla lily. Though some brides walk down the aisle with a single flower, it is not uncommon for a bride to have a bouquet of the flower in her hands. Either option is both elegant and romantic. Further, it will match the groom’s Boutonnieres Des Moines.

Some high-end designer weddings feature bouquets of flowers at the wedding reception. In order to keep the high-end look going at the reception, it is best to use the same wedding flower on the tables. However, it can be mixed with other flowers too. A Boesen the Florist will have the experience and artistic eye to know which flowers will work best with the calla lily. Further, you will be able to view the selections prior to placing your order.

Have you thought about your wedding favors? A wedding favor is a gift that the bride and groom will give to their guests. It is how they thank the guests for celebrating their special day with them. A beautiful way to thank your guests is to give them them each a flower as they enter the reception area. For example, flowers make a wonderful gift for the mother of the bride and the mother of groom. Further, if the flowers are in a vase, they will add to the beauty of the reception table.

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