The Best Reasons to Send a Child to Preschool in Rockville, MD

Raising a child that is properly emotionally, physically, and academically prepared is not easy, and only going off of your own experiences can be even more difficult. However, preschool is one option that will not only set a child up for success, but also make it possible for them to interact with those his or her own age. There are many benefits to this option, some being just as beneficial to the parents as they are to the child or children.


About 70 percent of the human brain is already developed by age one, and 90 percent is developed by age three. It is during these critical few years that genes begin to interact with experiences, and those experiences provide a foundation for all future learning, health, and behavior in a child. Allowing them the chance to attend preschool in Rockville, MD should give them what is needed to enjoy a secure, structured environment, conducive to these qualities.


When searching for information about preschool and its benefits, it could help to browse the site. You will quickly learn that children of this age have the ability to learn much more, and at a faster pace than many parents realize. It is during this time that they can be prepared for school. Children have an innate sense of numbers and counting, and can learn some skills before they begin schooling to ensure they are ready for a more structured classroom setting.


A study performed by economist James Heckman starting in 1972 discovered that children placed in daycare five days a week with meals, activities, and games are healthier as adults. Additionally, these adults have lower blood pressure and reduced obesity rates compared to children kept home during this time in their lives. The key here is social interaction, structured eating and learning, and time to remain active with other children.

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