The Benefits of Using Gas Fireplace Inserts in Lakefield, MN

While you may love the traditional look and feel of your wood fireplace, it just does not heat the home like you thought it would. It also can get a bit messy with ashes flying everywhere as well as the smell of wood smoke permeating everything in your home. This is why a using gas fireplace insert makes far more sense. Here are some of the benefits of using one.

Gas is More Convenient

When you own a traditional wood fireplace, you are responsible for quite a few things. Not only do you have to haul wood in from the cold outdoors, but you also will have to clean up the ashes every time you use the fireplace. When you use a gas fireplace, none of this is necessary. All that is required of you is pushing the button on the remote control, sitting back, and enjoying the comforting warmth.

Gas is More Efficient

Wood fireplaces are the least energy-efficient ways of heating your home. Some experts state the efficiency rating can be as low as 15%. This means that every time you have to adjust your thermostat, you are throwing money out the window. A wood fireplace can easily be converted into a gas fireplace by trained professionals and then you will see your energy efficiency rating rise to as high as 85%.

If you are in the market to convert your old wood fireplace into a new gas fireplace, contact Kozy Heat Fireplaces at their website.

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