The Benefits of Using Diesel Electric Motors for Military Ships

When determining what drive motor to place in a military ship, there are many options from which to choose. However, the best choice may very well be diesel electric drive systems.

Energy Efficient

Due to the very nature of their power source, these types of drive systems are very efficient with their energy use. The output that they deliver is far higher than drives that are strictly powered by diesel alone.


These diesel electric drive systems have such a redundant design of their system that they are virtually failsafe. Due to this unheard-of reliability, these types of drive systems are considered to be quite future-proof.

Low Heat Signatures

The combination of power sources attached to this motor, combined with the fixed magnet that replaces the electrical exciter means that the motor has a very low heat profile, making it virtually undetectable to those who may be trying to trace it on the open sea. For combat situations, this gives the ships a huge tactical advantage over ships of enemy combatants.

Environemtnally Responsible

Due to their reduced need for actual fuel usage, these types of drive systems are much more friendly to the environment than their traditional drive motor counterparts. These types of motors can also be combined with waste recovery systems to increase their efficiency even further.

If you are in need of cutting-edge diesel electric engines for large ships, even if they are not military, then contact an experienced engine company such as Fischer Panda Generators.

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