The Benefits of Teeth Whitening Near Me

For those with stained teeth, professional teeth whitening services are a popular option. There are teeth whitening products in the store you can purchase. However, if you want to ensure pristine results, then you may want to search for “teeth whitening near me.” With this professional dental treatment, you will notice a change of color after just a one-hour visit. However, you may want to increase the whiteness with more visits, as many as two, four, or even six.

Why Teeth Become Stained
Teeth become stained for a number of different reasons. Consumption of certain foods and drinks, particularly those with strong colorings, can create stains. Many smokers also end up having teeth with a stained yellowish appearance. Certain medicines can create staining on the teeth. Disease can also cause teeth staining. As a person ages, the teeth become darker, which is another form of staining. For these reasons, professional teeth whitening services are often desirable.

Evaluating Your Teeth First
Once you find a dentist that offers teeth whitening near me, he or she can determine whether professional teeth whitening is the best option for you. In some cases the results of teeth whitening may look unnatural – for instance, if you have tooth colored fillings in your mouth. However, in many cases teeth whitening services are highly desirable due to the difference they make in the appearance and smile of individuals.

The Process of Teeth Whitening
Before beginning a professional teeth whitening procedure, your dentist may polish your teeth first to ensure surface stains have been removed. Then, your dentist will isolate the teeth to be whitened with a special gel or sheet of latex that provides a seal around the teeth. After this, the dentist will apply tooth whitener to the teeth and leave it on for a certain length of time to achieve the intended results. If a particular technique has been chosen, then a heat, light source, or laser may be used to activate the bleaching substance.

The results of a professional teeth whitening procedure may last for anywhere between six months and a few years. The length of time the treatment lasts may depend on your lifestyle.

By contacting a provider of “teeth whitening near me,” you can determine if this procedure is right for you.

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