The Benefits of Assisted Living and Where to Find It In Spokane Valley, WA

Are you considering placing a loved one in a nursing home but shudder at the thought of he or she potentially living a boring and mundane life? If so, assisted living facilities in Spokane Valley, WA, might be a better option for you. Read on to learn more about assisted living communities, as well as where to find them nearby.

What Is Assisted Living and How Is It Different From a Nursing Home?

Assisted living communities offer the independence that many nursing homes don’t have. Those wishing to place their loved ones in assisted living communities will rest assured knowing that their friends and family are being cared for, while keeping their privacy and independence intact. Assisted living communities often offer nutritional meals, recreational activities and social events. Many also offer transportation and room service. Another key difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities is clinical care. Often times, assisted living facilities will not provide traditional medical services commonly offered by nursing homes. Having said that, there are a few assisted living facilities in Spokane Valley, WA, that will still provide many of these clinical services for a small fee.

What Types of People Are the Best Candidates For Assisted Living?

Those who need constant monitoring, are severely disabled or who suffer with severe cognitive dysfunctions may not be the best candidates for assisted living. Rather, those who tend towards independence and can get around on their own may be better suited for this type of arrangement. If you are interested in finding out more about assisted living facilities in Spokane Valley, WA, contact Orchard Crest Retirement

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